Article: Where’s Your Happy?

It may sound cliché, but I really do find my happiness when I’m with associates. It’s why I spend so much of my time travelling from property to property around the world. I love meeting our associates and watching them create memorable experiences for our guests. I’m happiest when our associates can succeed, grow, and be happy.

One of my favourite stories that, to this day, brings a smile to my face is that of Marriott’s Vice President of Global Operations, Lenny Jachimowicz. Lenny joined Marriott in 1972 as a plumbing assistant for one of our hotels. He worked his way up to the top of his department. Lenny deserves every bit of credit for his success, but it makes me incredibly happy to know that we provided an environment that allowed him to grow and want to stick around for the ride. He will retire this summer with more than 45 years of experience. Congratulations, Lenny!

Though stories like Lenny’s bring me much happiness, I must admit my happy does extend beyond the confines of Marriott properties. David wouldn’t let me off the hook that easily at the conference. He knows that if I had to single out my one true happy place, it would be spending time with my family at the lake in New Hampshire. There’s something about that place that relaxes and rejuvenates me more than anything else. I’m blessed to have children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren who join me and my wife, Donna, at the lake.

I say this all because we cannot succeed in our personal or our professional lives without finding our happy. Whether it comes from listening to our favourite song (mine is “As Time Goes By,” by Herman Hupfeld), finding time for our favourite hobby, or spending time with those who matter most to us, we all need time for ourselves and to take care.

Embrace that time and enjoy it fully. You deserve it.

Where do you find your happy?


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