I like hotels like some people like beer, sleep, Netflix and chill.

I love everything about them, and follow every new trend and offering.

Whether it’s for a day, a week, a month or a year, a hotel will support you in discovering some of the most beautiful and interesting places around the world.

Whether it’s for business, or for a pleasure, a hotel can tempt you to world-class food and wine, pamper you with spa and beauty treatments and guide you to the best spots in town.

As the saying goes, discovering yourself is discovering the world.

14199605_10210352757046094_7092811744275698726_nMaddison completed a Bachelor of Business and Hotel Management after dreaming about owning her own Boutique Hotel in her hometown in South Australia.

Her degree along with her passion for travel, allowed her to begin exploring some of the most beautiful places and resorts all around the world. Her first internship took her to Hamilton Island, Australia, where she worked one of the most beautiful 5-star beach resorts, qualia. Her second internship took her to another amazing 5-star resort, but this time tucked within the canyons of the American Southwest, on the border of Utah and Arizona.

Throughout the internships, Maddison was constantly able to travel and explore many only dreamed about locations. It was these experiences which encouraged her to start her blog; a way to share her favourite moments and travel tips with family and friends.

But after graduating in 2016, Maddison wanted to use her blog as a way to provide advice and inspiration to other young and motivated individuals. She had a sneaking suspicion that other people could really benefit from the lessons she has learned along her way.

Whether you are running your own business, working for a large multinational company, travel enthusiast about to take off on global expedition, or a graduate looking for some career advice, Maddison, aim’s provide you with an insight into life as a hotelier, travel advice for all the places she has visited and some tools, inspiration and advice to be successful and happy in your life and career, no matter how old you are or what field you may be working in.

Maddison doesn’t know where she is going from here, but she promises it won’t be boring.

Recent Trips: Port Douglas & Bali

Next Trips: South America & Hawaii.

Life Motto: Everything happens for a reason.